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Andrew & Sally Powell

Andrew & Sally Powell

Welcome to our website for our Hopes & Dreams Charity Events. I wanted to take a moment of your time to just share with you why Sally and I are passionate about this charity, why we got involved and why we need your support to raise funds to make many more dreams come true for some very special children.

We are so proud of the £50,000 we have now raised for Dreams Come True. We have been fundraising since 2013 for the charity and over the years have had support from so many people. Thank you to everyone that has attended our events and helped us along the way. Here’s to the next £50,000!

Why would we give our time, energy & effort to raise money?

In life you can sometimes get lucky and find yourself in a position where you can choose your lifestyle. You can work hard and reap the rewards and you can also fall on hard times and face many challenges as a result. What you cannot predict, with any certainty, is the hand that you are dealt with regards to your health and wellbeing.

Sally and I found ourselves in the position some years ago to have our health and to have managed to create a lifestyle that worked for us and to put us in a position where we wanted to give something back. With the help of friends and family we put a fundraising event on every year for Dreams Come True.

So why a children’s charity?

Our children are everything to us and we are grateful that they are well and growing. Some children are dealt a hand which means their time with us is short and this is where Sally and I wanted to target our time to ‘give something back’.

Why Dreams Come True?

We chose Dreams Come True as our chosen charity for several reasons: It’s a UK charity, focused on children in the UK, making individual and specific dreams a reality for terminally ill or very ill children. It’s also a local charity based over in Petersfield, so near enough for us to really make a difference.

Tell us about the children...

The children are the most courageous people I have met in my life. So full of joy, energy and purpose. This is despite some of them knowing their time with us is short or will certainly be significantly impaired from a quality of life perspective due to the hands that they have been dealt. They are an inspiration to Sally and I and when either of us feel down about something that is quite frankly irrelevant in the grand scheme of life we always reflect on the children that we have met who have inspired us so much.

So what can you do?

Come to our next fantastic event and have a great time supporting this amazing charity. All details for the event are in this site and if you want to get further involved and do your own fundraising for this awesome cause we can introduce you to the charity.

Please help Sally and I make more dreams come true for these amazing children and have fun in the process by joining our journey.

Thank you,

Andrew and Sally Powell

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