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Dreams Come True Charity - Bringing joy to terminally and seriously ill children

When a child or young adult is faced with a serious or life-threatening condition, their dreams can sometimes be forgotten. That’s where we come in.

We are a national charity that enables poorly children and young adults to fulfil their personal dreams – whether it’s meeting an idol, experiencing zero gravity or even having a book published. For some, a dream is simply to be able to do ‘normal stuff’ with their friends. That’s why we’re also happy to fund specialist equipment such as wheelchair swings, Eye Gaze computers and purpose-built trikes for disabled children.

The youngest child we have fulfilled a dream for was just two years old and we are the only national UK charity that extends our services to young adults up to 21.

Why support Dreams Come True?

Because our mission is clear and the results are tangible. Each dream we fund costs an average of £2500. The more money we raise, the more children and young people we can reach out to. You hold their dreams in your hands.

We are a small, dynamic charity that punches well above our weight but we can achieve so much more. Around 50,000 children and young people rely on palliative care services in the UK every year, which means the demand for our services is high and many children do not have time on their side.

We are currently enable around 200 children and young adults to fulfil their dream every year but our aim is to increase this to 1000 per year.

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